The Strongest People

There is a true misconception regarding being a strong person. Yes, we are powerful, successful, determined, not easily swayed and can withstand a lot, but we too get tired. Yes, being strong is a gift from God, but not everyone has the same amount of strength. You see, we all have moments of weakness.

The truth is, we have times where we are tired of being strong. We endure so much because of our strength and eventually get through, but we sometimes want someone else to be the strong one.

We are the ones people come to with their problems because they see our strength and they believe we can help them rectify their problems. We are the first ones called when anything negative happens because they know we can handle it and we will know what to do next. We are expected to be strong 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Reality is, we are not strong all the time, no matter how we appear. Because we are known for our strength, we always put on a pleasant smile despite how we really feel.

This is the same thing we do with our invisible diseases. We are enduring so much pain, exhaustion, nausea, dizziness, etc., but we are expected to be strong so we put on a smile to hide the pain.

We hide so many emotions, feelings physically and spiritually to keep up our strong persona. Since we are expected to exude strength at all times, we expend so much energy being strong that when we are finally alone we crash from exhaustion.

You don’t want to see my illness, feelings or emotions. Your need is for us to be strong for you, lead and guide you as well as pray for you. Of course we do that, but who does that for us in return.

Every strong person has weaknesses, periods of exhaustion and defeat, things going on in their lives or like me, is fighting a chronic invisible disease daily.

Yes, I am strong, but just as I’m strong for you, I need you to be strong for me.

I’m strong, but I still need your prayers.

I am strong, but sometimes I just need a break!!!!

I am strong, but I am still human!

Be cognizant of the things you choose to lay on strong people because they just may need you to be the strong one today!!!!


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Invisibly Me

You say you see me, but do you really???

What are you really seeing when you look at me???

You see a happy-go- lucky woman that is never down, but you don’t see the tears shed daily because every day I awake with some sort of ailment and pain.

You see my clothes and compliment me on how put together I am, but you don’t see that it took me 30 minutes to try to button up my shirt because my hands just don’t seem to want to cooperate.

You see my makeup and some say I don’t realize how beautiful I am because I choose to wear it, but you don’t see the raised red rash on my face that gets increasingly worse in the sun if it isn’t covered by something like makeup.

You see a smile, but you don’t see how much it takes to simply smile when you are in excruciating non-stop pain.

You see me walking, but you don’t see the hour exercise it takes of bending my limbs as I sit on the side of the bed before I can stand to even start my day.

You see me functioning, but you don’t see the 42 pills, infusions and injections it takes daily to be able to function.

You see me at church, but you don’t see I had to stay in the bed all week just to make it to Sunday service.

You see me post on social media, but you don’t see that one post takes forever because I can’t think straight and am just purely exhausted.

I thought you said you see me?! No you really don’t because I suffer from an invisible disease that is silently trying to take my life.

Since you didn’t see me before, I hope you do now!

It’s invisible disease week so share my story in hopes to educate others that things aren’t always what they seem. You never know what someone is going through.


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You Are Enough

Good Morning #TeamAngelsLupusJourney !!!




There are so many depictions all over of who you should be, what you should look like, how you should act and when you should do and accomplish things. Reality is, we are all different. We are not purposed and meant to be the same and have synchronized lives.




It is hard enough maintaining our own crazy lives, but just asinine to try to conform to match someone else’s life.




I am here to tell you, YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as you are! You are amazing, smart, awesome, resilient, powerful, beautiful and the list goes on!!! Keep being the best you, you can be!!! You are one Extraordinary person!!!




Happy Treasured Teaching Tuesday!!!💜💜💜




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Overcoming Painsomnia

Whether it is Insomnia or Painsomnia, being up mentally when you are physically tired can be depressing.

A lot of times we count sheep, waiting for our meds to kick in only to realize we are running out of numbers and we are still awake and still in pain.

This is when a great distraction comes into play. What can you do to pass the time and help you focus on something other than your sleeplessness and pain?

Meditation may work for some. A great book may work for others. Watching a movie may even hold your attention or even talking on the phone.

For me tonight, I had to do something tangible that required my mind, coordination and focus. I’m not very artistic, but tonight I was able to use my creativity to bring me peace in the midst of the pain storm.

Here is my masterpiece and my meds finally have kicked in so goodnight! 💜💜💜💜

I pray you too will find your peace and rest!!!

Sweet Dreams, Angel 👼🏽

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When thinking about clouds, we have become accustomed to think about the possibility of bad weather or how the clouds block the sun. We are programmed to believe that clouds have a negative connotation. When learning about precipitation in school, we talk about clouds; how they look and we know the darker the cloud the worse the impending weather will be. There are even songs referencing clouds in a negative way.

You don’t believe me?! Let me prove it to you.

The song writer wrote, “Sunshine on a cloudy day,” suggesting the clouds to be indicative of a not so great day. You need sunshine on a cloudy day, the writer suggests.

Are clouds really a representative of bad times and difficulties???

The answer is: some clouds, the gray in particular symbolize bad days; however, some clouds are not gray. Some clouds are white and they don’t symbolize bad days. In fact, the white clouds are a symbol of stability, inner consciousness and goals in your life. Thanks google!!!!

What does this have to do with anything???

You see, just as our diseases are unpredictable, so are the clouds. We don’t know when we awake in the morning how we will feel and we don’t know with certainty what color the cloud will be that day. It could be a gray cloud day or it could we a white cloud day. In other words, we can’t predict whether we will have a good or bad day. We can’t control the clouds just as we have no control over how we feel from day to day.

Secondly, regardless of the color of the clouds, we still have to get through them. We still have to get through our days, whether bad or good. We still have to make it through the day whether we feel well or not. The clouds may be present, but we have to make a conscious decision of how we will handle them whether white or gray. We have to choose to fight to get through the clouds. Likewise, we have to choose to fight to get through our ailments.

Thirdly, the clouds are showing us that not all days will be bad. That is such great news!!! We WILL have some white clouds days. They are coming. You might be experiencing gray clouds right now, but you should know for sure, white clouds exist and they will come!! You will have some good days. You will get through.

If you focus on the white cloud days while you are facing the gray cloud days, you will make it through! Place your focus on the white clouds.

If you only see gray clouds right now, realize white clouds do exist and you will soon have them. Enjoy your white clouds!!!! ☁️ ⛅️

The Light Within

At times we tend to look for light in everything and everyone else around us. On our darkest days, we depend on others to be the light that brings us out of our darkness. We expect the people closest to us to understand what we are going through and help by meeting us where we are and brightening up our darkest days.

This sounds absolutely wonderful and some of us have amazing people in our lives who will try to do this very thing.

Reality is, if YOU are in a dark place, YOU have to make a conscious decision to come out of that dark place. Others can certainly assist in your coming out; however, the decision to accept the help is yours.

There has to be some light within YOU in order for it to be illuminated. I think you missed what I just told you!

You are looking to everything and everyone to make your dark days light, but you already possess the light within yourself. Sure the light can be illuminated, but it already exists.

In other words, YOU already have what YOU need to make your dark days brighter. The light is already inside you! You have the power to tap into the light within to ensure your days are bright. It’s already there waiting for you to tap into it.

In order to change the face of your dark days, find YOUR light within!!! It’s always there!!!

Knocked Down Not Knocked Out

Getting knocked down is a part of life whether you are dealing with illness or not. We all have low moments. No one is exempt from going through trials and tribulations.

The key is to never allow what knocked you down to knock you out! Do whatever it takes to stay in the fight! Put on your boxing gloves and fight back!

What am I talking about???

Do whatever in your power to keep yourself motivated and fighting. Self care and love is your biggest weapon. They are the best boxing gloves you can ever possess.

What can you do for yourself to keep you in the fight? How do you stay positive in the midst of your negative situation? What do you do for yourself to get you out of your funk?

I do a number of things for self care and love. I have shared some before, but I’m happy to share them again. I find things I like to do to keep my mind off of the things that are hindering me.


~Applying Makeup



~Watching Movies

These are just a few! I have found that if I allot time to do some things for myself daily that make me feel better, my quality of life is better!

Use your self care and love boxing gloves, stay in the fight and never allow anything to knock you out!!!


No portion of this article may be duplicated in writing or in any other recorded format without permission.