No Matter What, Give God Praise

Last night after an emotional day with all that is going on in the world, Marquis and I decided to go live and just hang out in the presence of the Lord.

There wasn’t any form or fashion. In fact, I was in my pajamas. It was non-rehearsed. We just sang! No matter how it sounded or even if we messed up, the point was to just be uniquely us in our vulnerable state just worshipping God, seeking his guidance, peace, comfort and so on.

I’m going somewhere with this! Stay with me!!!!!

A friend/sister of mine got on the live along with others expressing the need for praise and worship in that moment. She said it encouraged her to go live on today and worship God as she would on Wednesdays, but that day she too was emotionally drained and did not go on!

Listen, God’s plans are perfect! Do you hear me?!

This morning I awoke in good spirits and then watched a press conference here in my city and the amount of racism in the comments tore me down. My spirit was heavy. People calling Black people out of our names and demeaning our existence. Again my heart was heavy.

But God….

If you don’t know him, now is your time to get to know him.

That same sister went live as she said she would and sent me in such a worshiping state. All emotions I felt right before this was gone.

I stayed in worship even when she went off the live. One particular song she sang did something to me so I had to keep singing it myself!

Thank you sis for allowing God to use you on today! Yesterday you said you needed it, but today I did!!! To God be ALL Glory!!!!!

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