Angel’s Lupus Journey Presents: Jeannie’s Story

As stated in my last featured story, Social Media truly allows you to meet some pretty awesome people. This next person I would like to introduce you to is Jeannie Key.

Jeannie is fairly new to #teamangelslupusjourney , but she has been such a blessing to have on this journey. Her pleasant disposition and thoughtfulness despite what she is going through is amazing and I’m eternally grateful!

It is my honor to share with you, Jeannie’s story….

“It all started after college. I moved to Atlanta and started a disaster clean up corporation for fire, flood, wind and mold remediation for insurance companies. I loved my work. I loved my employees. We were in it to help and care for home and/or business owners.

Then all of a sudden, I started to develop these very strange symptoms. I began to experience aching, low grade fevers, nausea and gagging often. I dealt with this for a year or so and my Primary Care Physician had no idea what was going on with me.

One day I passed out and had to go to Emory University Hospital in Georgia for help. Thankfully my Uncle Steve is a Cardiologist at Emory and helped me get the proper doctors. Finally I found out what all of these symptoms were. I was diagnosed with Lupus.”

I find it such a blessing when you have others who see you struggling and help get you on the right track. Jeannie your Uncle Steve is such a blessing!

She goes on, “As a result of this new diagnosis, my family insisted I move back to my home town from Atlanta. I thought about it for a year and eventually I did. I left my little home of 23 years and all of my friends. I sold my equipment as well. I was so sad when I got back to Manchester, Georgia where the population is 3,000 people; however, the first thing I did was seek help.

I found all the doctors I needed, including a Psychiatrist to talk it all out. The Lupus was mild for the first 5 years and began to evolve over time despite being on Plaquenil from the beginning.”

It is so important to not only take care of your physical body, but your mind, body and soul. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

“7 years after my Lupus diagnosis, I began to have seizures. I understand that everyone is different so for me, other than the aching and flu-like symptoms, Lupus has affected my brain. I have had 5 types of seizures which are now controlled by medication.”

Jeannie has now lived with the diagnosis of Lupus for 17 years among other diagnosis.

When asked how she manages her life, Jeannie shares, “I have a church family who takes good care of me. I also have 3 close friends in a small group on Facebook. I live alone, but I’m going to look for a nurse starting Monday.”

It is common for Lupus Patients to have to seek help from Homehealth nurses during their journey.

Jeannie explains her current situation. “I am supposed to have surgery on a hernia the size of a baseball, but the surgery has been postponed 3 times since January. Prior to this, in November of last year I had emergency surgery where they removed 6 inches of my colon. I now have a colostomy. At this time the hernia causes a lot of pain. I have to lay flat 90% of each day. I am on pain medications so I sleep a lot. Between the pain medication and Lupus fatigue, I spend most of my time sleeping only to still be sleepy when I awake.”

Wow! Jeannie, my heart goes out to you! #teamangelslupusjourney will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. We will be staying in contact and checking on you! Thank you so much for your bravery and sharing your story with us!


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