We Know Better

Hey #teamangelslupusjourney !

As I lay in this bed at 4:45 am and reflect on things I have encountered today, I decided I need to speak out.

I was already going to drop a #flairnotflare picture (not this one,) but as a result of a recent experience , I decided to post this one now.

Thank you The Lupus Trainer for creating this challenge some years ago. I really believe it helps others understand a little better about our lives.

People should really take in consideration that they have no idea what others are facing. What you say or do can negatively affect them. Even the strongest warriors get worn down and tired of people’s uninformed, hurtful comments.

Flares are hard, but they are even harder when people poke fun of the flaring patient. Looks are deceiving so it’s imperative that you handle all persons with care.

This goes for people who walk around evangelizing also. If you are proclaiming what sayeth the Lord and in turn you are laughing or joking about someone, ask yourself if what you are saying could hurt them, quench their spirit or cause them not to want to share anymore. That’s all I’m going to say!

As Christians, we know better!!!!!

I love you; I love you with the love of Jesus!!!! “May your tomorrow’s be better than your yesterday’s!!!~Angel 👼🏽 *

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