Angel’s Lupus Journey Presents: Jae’s Story

On April 15, 2020 I was interviewed on the local news regarding the Lupus medication Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and it being used to treat COVID- 19 patients. This usage began to cause a shortage of the medication impacting Lupus patients as we were not able to receive our full supply of the medication.

After the interview aired, I received such a huge outpouring of love and support. People all over were trying their hardest to help us warriors and me specifically in any way possible.

Jae was one of those kind people who reached out to try to help me. She herself took time to contact our senator by email, but didn’t stop there. She contacted his office via phone as well!! She began to find avenues to truly help all Lupus Warriors who were in need of assistance.

Jae’s spirit is pure and her yearning to help, inspired me to want to share her story.

It is my privilege to share with you Jae’s story….

Jae was born and raised in Hampton, VA, but moved to Richmond, VA to attend Virginia Commonwealth University. She graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education, Exercise Science and Community Health Education. She went on to work in her field and later earned a Master’s of Arts Degree in Human Services and Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University in 2011 and a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management, Public Policy and Administration from Capella University in 2016.

That is amazing right?! She is truly a scholar! Jae knew she had something special to do so she made sure she was well equipped to do just that; spread awareness by any means necessary.

Jae’s dedication to raising awareness for chronic illness and autoimmune diseases is very personal. She has been on this journey since she was a child as she herself had been diagnosed with various manageable illnesses. Then she was diagnosed with a debilitating form of endometriosis and adenomyosis in 2014, and subsequently several other chronic illnesses and autoimmune diseases thereafter. These diagnosis have changed her entire life.

Can’t we all sympathize with that?! That did not stop Jae though!

Today, she works as a non profit professional and in her spare time raises awareness about life with chronic illness and autoimmunity. One of Jae’s primary goals is to help by advocating for those who are starting their journey.

Thank you Jae for all you do and your genuine yearning to help others! Thank you for reaching out to me personally! I truly appreciate you and I can’t wait to see what God does in your life next! Just know #teamangelslupusjourney is supporting you fully!!!

If you are interested in hearing and seeing more from Jae, please follow her on all social media platforms below. and


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