World Lupus Day- A Mother’s Perspective

By Yolanda P. Williams

As I reflect on my being the mother of Angel D. Williams and the challenges that came with a Lupus diagnosis 21 years ago, I must say I am grateful God chose me for such a task.  Yes, it has been a lot of difficult times due to the health challenges, but the blessings outweigh the obstacles.  

Of course, I remember the times when there was no diagnosis, no answers, watching my child in agonizing pain and there was nothing I could do to make the pain go away.  The times when she passed out and no one could tell me why or could fix it.  I remember the times when they said she may not make it, the time when she was in one hospital and I was in another.  I remember the loss of her full Academic scholarship because she was in the hospital more than she was at school regardless of her exceptional GPA.  I too remember our trying to figure out how the medical bills would be paid even with insurance.  However, God has kept us.

On this Mother’s Day and World Lupus Day, I am screaming to high heavens, thank you Lord for blessing me with such a beautiful gift in the life of my daughter, Angel. She is a phenomenal woman who loves hard and gives her all not only to her family and friends, she also goes hard to advocate for those she doesn’t even know who are affected by Lupus and other debilitating diseases. What a gift from God it is to be blessed with a child, especially my Angel. #LupuswillNOTwin #GodISable #WorldLupusDay #LupusAwareness #SupportTheLupusCause


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2 thoughts on “World Lupus Day- A Mother’s Perspective

  1. AMEN, Momma Williams! I have seen Angel struggle to work through the pain and I can’t remember a time she called out from work. The absolutely amazing thing is her heavenly smile never left her face. She is a WARRIOR, and she is an ANGEL. I have leaned on her many times and she is always there.
    Anyone that has ever come into contact with Angel has been blessed. I consider it an honor to call her my friend!!!


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