Monica’s Story

I have spoken about this many times before and will continue to tell everyone because it truly helps. Makeup is a therapeutic outlet I use often when I am in pain to divert my attention from the pain to making my face.

There are many Makeup Artists who use Facebook as a platform to teach makeup skills or just have fun slaying their faces with their followers.

Well, on one of the Makeup Artist’s live I met a young woman who was moderating and monitoring the FB live. Little did I know she was suffering with Lupus and we would become great friends and sisters.

Years later, we are still that! 💜

Meet Monica Elliot and read her story below…..

“I was diagnosed with Lupus and sjogren’s disease November, 14 2014. It has been so very hard to talk about. 😭

When My doctor told me I had lupus she acted like it wasn’t a big deal. She was very blunt. She said, ‘You have lupus.’ She had no remorse, sympathy and didn’t seem to care that I was in total shock and scared. She truly acted like she had diagnosed me with the common cold.”

Unfortunately this is the reality many of us face when we are diagnosed. It can easily be the scariest moment of our lives.

Monica went on, “I felt like I had been hit by a train!” Monica, I may have to use that one because I always say a Mack Truck! Lol!

She continued, “One year later, I had what we thought was a heart attack. After three weeks of being in the hospital and a lot of test, I found out that the lupus was affecting my heart. All I could think about was my two girls, but it was like God himself said, ‘You are MY child, and you have to have faith!’”

Amen to that! We have to have faith for sure!!!!

I asked Monica how she copes now. She replied, “So now all I do is pray. I pray in the morning. I pray in the evening. I pray when getting the kids ready for school. I pray when Im cooking. I am constantly praying and thanks to one of my church member’s testimony, it’s much easier to talk about now. “

In closing I asked Monica what she felt was important to tell other Lupus Warriors who are struggling right now. She said boldly, “Everything I tried to do for myself FAILED. I thought I could fix it. I was wrong! I now depend and put my faith in God and I’m still here!”

Well Amen goes right there!!!! Thank you Monica for sharing your story with #teamangelslupusjourney and may God continue to bless you richly!

To follow Monica’s story you can find her on FB at and also on IG at


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