Do you understand the magnitude of this???

The use of the medication Hydroxychloroquine has been mentioned all over the news and all over the world. “This medication will save Covid-19 patients along with a Z-pack!” Everyone everywhere has an opinion with no real evidence that the medication can truly save the lives of these patients. Do your research!!! You will find all these statements to be true.

This is what we call Hope though, right!!! I get it! Everyone needs some hope that a cure or a remedy is coming soon. There has been so many negatives. Where are the positives? Hydroxychloroquine is that positive and brings hope, right?! I’m guessing this may be the narrative.

Well while you have new found hope, I have increased, debilitating anxiety! Your Hydroxychloroquine hope, is my lifeline and has been for over 21 years! While you are hoping it works, it has been proven and FDA approved to work for Lupus patients. While you are hoping and testing the medication or just giving the medication to Covid- 19 patients, the supply of Hydroxychloroquine is decreasing to a point that the proven helpful lifeline for me is becoming hard to get.

You are hopeful and I feel like my life is being taken away from me. You are hopeful and I am wondering what organ will fail first. You’re hopeful and I’m thinking about what day I might die. You’re hopeful and I’m wondering how my last moments will be. You’re hopeful and I’m wondering how long will it take me to get so sick that I end up in the hospital in critical condition. You’re hopeful and I’m literally going through every last thought possible in my mind.

What will that day and hour look like? How will my family handle it? What can I do to lessen their pain?

Of course it is my desire for us all, Covid-19 patients and Lupus patients alike to live! It would be so wonderful if my lifeline medication could be their lifeline medication and we all have enough to live, prosper and flourish. We all deserve that!

The reality is a harsh one, but it is just that; reality, the truth. While you are hopeful and exploring options using my lifeline, I am here at home severely anxious, sick from worry and illness, wondering if my time to die is fast approaching!

No one wants to tell or hear the raw, transparent truth! I will and you just got it!!!

Now do you understand the magnitude of this????????


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