Queening 👑

The definition of a Queen is a woman or thing regarded as excellent or outstanding of its kind; according to the dictionary. A Queen is resilient, unapologetically them, walking in confidence despite anyone else’s opinion, a positive role model, one who views herself as more than a conqueror even when the odds are stacked against her. A Queen sees her own beauty, even in her scars. A Queen stands proud and will never be defeated.

I am a Queen 👸🏽
Lupus doesn’t have me; I have it!
I am victorious!
I walk with boldness and know my worth!
I will overcome every obstacle out to destroy me!
No weapon shall prosper against me!
I am a Queen 👸🏽 and I don’t need anyone’s validation!
I am SHE and SHE is ME! 👑 👑 👑

You too are Queens 👸🏽 and kings 🤴🏽! Own it!!!


No portion of this article may be duplicated in writing or in any other recorded format without permission.

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