Love Yourself

Self love is preached and screamed from the mountaintops. We hear about how we should love all of ourselves on TV and on the radio. We see campaigns across social media. It is truly apparent that we should love ourselves wholeheartedly and the world seems to support this cause.

So why is it so hard to do?!

We all have things we love about ourselves and then there are those things we truly hate. Yes, hate and I know it’s a strong word. We should never despise anything about ourselves that much to say we hate it.

The fact of the matter is, we as a people are still struggling with self love! To go even deeper, we as people living with chronic illnesses struggle with self love.

I know that no one wants to be vulnerable and talk about it, but it’s true. We hate more than one thing about ourselves.

Some of us hate something about our appearances, while others hate ourselves for being sick.

We hate that we have lost hair and teeth due to sickness or medicine. We hate that the medicine that is supposed to make us feel better has made us gain 100 pounds and put hair on our faces. We hate that we bear scars in noticeable places. We don’t feel attractive and we just hate how we look.

We hate that we can’t do the things others can so we in turn hate ourselves and put ourselves down. “You aren’t worth anything.” “You will never be anything more than a burden.” “Go ahead and end your miserable life.”

It’s a terrible thing when YOU don’t like YOU. How can anyone else like you if you don’t like yourself?

It’s time for you to snap out of it and realize who and whose you are. You are first a child of the King and he doesn’t make junk. You are beautiful or handsome. Your scars tell a story of your bravery and make you more attractive. Your hair loss and whatever else shows that you have fight and that in itself is an attribute so many wish they had. Your story is an inspiration to others and your drive is more than goals. You are looking at sickness like it took you away, but it created a better, stronger you.

Love yourself because you are amazing! Love yourself because no one could make it through your trials and tribulations like you. Love yourself because you realize that when you love you, you exude confidence that is more than attractive. Love yourself because there is beauty in all your scars. Love yourself because you are the best thing ever and you will win your battle.

Let this be your recharging moment to restore and replenish all love lost for yourself and you should come out better than you ever were.

Love yourself because you deserve all the love in the world!


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