I haven’t said much on this on FB, IG or Twitter. I did speak on it in my last Youtube video. The loss that the world suffered on Sunday has taken media by storm and the world is in mourning; however, we don’t want to forget the families of all 9 fallen 🕊. We have to be cognizant of what we say, making sure we are sensitive to the families even in our sorrow. We loved them, but their families lived them.

Please take the time to read this blog post below. I couldn’t have said this any better.

Just imagine….


Imagine living your entire married life in a fishbowl, for all of the world to see and scrutinize.

Imagine the constant following of the media…not only for your spouse, who is a public figure, but for you and your underaged children.

Imagine early one Sunday morning not only losing your husband and your child, but for it to be broadcasted on every channel ALL day.

Imagine your family and close friends gaining the knowledge of the loss through social media or television.

Imagine having to mourn the loss of your beloved child and husband under the watchful eyes of the world!!!

Wait now imagine that your last name is Altobelli… Chester… Mauser… Zobayan… and early this same Sunday morning you also suffered a loss of a mother, father, daughter, sister…

Imagine your loved ones are Refferred to as … “And eight other passengers, died”.

Imagine your family finding out on…

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