The Wait Is Over

The weight of the world seems to always lay on our shoulders. There is always something occupying our brain matter. In fact we spend so much time wearying about others that we neglect ourselves. Everyone else’s needs come before our own because it is our desire to see the people we care about reach goals that seem to be unreachable to us because of illness or other factors. We want them to have a better quality of life than we do. We want them to surpass every goal they set and be successful in their every endeavor.

This can be an awesome thing or it could be a very bad thing. Neglecting ourselves can be a detrimental part of our demise, but fighting for them and cheering them on can also be motivation.

I had a major epiphany regarding this though……

We can not allow the weight of the world to weigh us down while we are waiting for our breakthrough. Go ahead and read that again until it really sinks in. We can not allow the weight of the world (our love for folks) weigh us down while we are waiting for our breakthrough.


I’m glad you asked!!!

We can’t allow this because when our breakthrough comes we need to be ready. We have waited a long time for our healing, financial blessing, completion in our lives and homes, peace, etc. and we will be too weak to receive it when it comes if we are weighed down by other people’s stuff.

We have to learn to pray for them, help them, but not let their issues become our issues.

You see, it’s time to get ready because your wait is over!!!!!

Your blessing, healing, strength, peace, hope, etc. Is almost here!!!! Get yourself ready!!!!

The wait is over!!!!!!


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