Clear Communication and Agreeable Understandings

It has been proven that because we as Spoonies have to miss out on quite a few things because of our illnesses; we over strive to provide our loved ones with what we think is the time of their lives so they will never feel what we feel. We don’t ever want them to be disappointed, broken, unimportant, not a priority, hidden or just simply not seen at all, invisible.

We try our best to give them what we would love to have. We expend just about all of our spoons with no regret, because our loved ones mean that much to us.

The thing about doing this is, if there is no agreeable understanding of why we do what we do, we end up getting our feelings hurt.

Without understanding your loved ones will never see why you push your ideas or why you are so excited about things. It actually can come off to them as you only thinking about your desires and not theirs.

You just want them to be happy and to have the life you aren’t able to live. You sacrifice yourself, your spoons, your health, etc. trying to do what you think may brighten their day, not realizing in the long run you are damaging your own psyche when you don’t receive the reaction you were anticipating.

Now you are hurt no matter how bad you try not to be and you have to take time to re-evaluate everything from start to finish.

Your relationships are now suffering as a result and you just want to give up.

The fact of the matter is, communication is key and essential to making sure there is a clear understanding between you and your loved ones. Without the key you can not start the car and you will never move from the spot you’re currently parked in. Without clear communication and understanding you will never achieve unity and every relationship will be stagnant leaving you empty, alone and resentful.

I encourage you to communicate effectively until there is a clear agreeable understanding. This is detrimental to your current relationships and is imperative to ensuring and fostering positive relationships in the future, which in turn enhances your health and quality of life.


No portion of this article may be duplicated in writing or in any other recorded format without permission.

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