Holidays for Spoonies

How easy it is to assume everyone is excited about the holidays?! It’s time to spend with loved ones celebrating our beliefs. For most, it’s time away from our jobs so we are able to do what we please. For some, it’s time to take vacations and travel. It’s time to eat the foods we have been waiting for all year to eat. It’s a time for many things. You would think it’s safe to assume everyone is happy about the holidays.

The truth is, a lot of people aren’t excited. Maybe they lost a loved one and are grieving. Maybe they don’t have family around to celebrate with. The list can go on. To many, holidays are just another day on the calendar.

I know it’s hard to believe what I’m saying, but let me share something even deeper.

For those living with chronic illnesses, the holidays can be hard, discouraging, too much and can really put us in sour moods. Why??? Let me list some things.

1. Being around people means being around germs.

2. You may not feel up to participating, but you feel obligated so you press your way and deal with the consequences later.

3. Depending on your condition, the temperature wherever you are can be a true hindrance. It may be too hot or too cold.

4. Having a lot of people around, family or not, can cause major anxiety because you’re striving to be looked at as normal as possible and that’s more people who may see the truth.

5. You don’t want to have to leave early or lay down because that will cause attention to be on you.

6. Others don’t understand so you feel like you have to keep all emotions to yourself.

7. You were proactive and prepared, but things are still happening outside of your control.

8. You are more self aware than normal so you truly realize how different you are.

9. The festivities are still going on, but all you want is your bed yet you certainly aren’t going to part your lips.

I can go on and on!!!! The holidays can truly be a difficult time for those living with chronic illnesses.

Then there is the part where you are super excited about the holiday because it’s one more year you have lived to see the holiday! Oh what a blessing that is; however, when others around you aren’t as happy as you are, it can really dampen your mood.

I share all of this so you can be cognizant of your loved ones. Be helpful, understanding, patient and take the time to really love on them. Don’t put them on the spot in front of people, but make them feel comfortable and able to trust you with their concerns. Remember the reason for the season. There would be no CHRISTmas without CHRIST and he is love!

Now that I have helped you understand, be sure to spread Christ’s love and think about why people may be acting the way they are rather than assuming.

Holidays can be hard, but you have an opportunity to make them grand for your loved ones!


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