Identity Crisis

When first diagnosed with Lupus and many other chronic illness, we feel that the diagnosis strips us of our identity. We are no longer the same. It doesn’t matter that you are physically the same person today as you were yesterday prior to the diagnosis. The truth of the matter is, those words, “You have …” changes your entire life.

You begin to question what this diagnosis really means. You have now been handed something that will never go away and you have to learn to live with it. You no longer have a name; instead you are patient 1589523. You are recognized by your patient record number. When people describe you to someone else, the description is no longer 5’8, 188lbs, brown hair and blue eyes. Your description is now that girl/guy that has that disease. You aren’t able to do a lot of the things you used to do, so you have no idea what you even like to do that is feasible.

What do I like? Wait, who am I? What happened to me? This is not who I am and I don’t have any idea how to go back and be who I once was.

I do know that because I have no idea who I truly am, I am now down and depressed. My life will never be the same and I’m not sure if I will ever be anything remotely close to who I used to be.

Please allow me to help you with this as 21 years ago I went through the transition of realizing who I once was is not who I currently am.

Let me start by sharing with you an important tidbit to keep in the forefront of your mind as you embark on the journey of finding yourself. First and foremost, your feelings of disbelief, confusion, despair, etc. are REAL and VALID. You are entitled to these feelings, so never allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

The question still stands though; Who am I now? Since I’m not who I used to be, how do I find myself again?

You must first truly understand, reality is your old self is gone. You will never be who you once were. Stop trying to be that person. You are only doing yourself an injustice and blocking your blessing of newness.

What am I talking about? I’m glad you asked!!!

You now have the opportunity to be a new and improved you. Yes, even with the struggles of Lupus. You just have to identify your new normal. This is not a negative thing, so change your mindset and perspective so you can prosper. Find some things you are able to do now and capitalize on them. Make a conscious decision to find something positive to focus on daily in the midst of the pain, confusion and negative feelings you may be experiencing.

Let’s be real here!!!! This doesn’t just happen over night and I don’t know one person who has truly mastered finding their new normal. As they navigate through life, they still have setbacks, breakdowns, etc. We are all human and we all are a work in progress, but we WILL identify who we are with our illnesses and succeed in life.

You don’t see it?! Well let me show you…

You see the old you may have been strong, but the new you is stronger. You face things daily others could never handle. You are resilient no matter how you may internally feel because you haven’t given up when so many would if they were in your shoes! You are already well on your way to realizing who you are now. The old you may have stood strong on your beliefs closing yourself off because you didn’t need any help, but the new you is open to research and finding what’s best for you. Your openness to finding what works best for you, will catapult you into a bright future. This future may be better than you could ever imagine.

You will succeed as the new you! Let me repeat that, YOU WILL SUCCEED AS THE NEW YOU!!!

I implore you to redefine who you believe yourself to be and walk in the great, powerful, mighty warrior you are today!!!!

You may have lost the old you, but you found a new you that is SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! The new you can accomplish anything!!! Your determination alone, will help you overcome the worst of times!

You know exactly who you are!!! Identity Crisis Aborted!!!! All you have to do is embrace it and walk into your New Identity and watch how your life changes for the better!!!!


No portion of this article may be duplicated in writing or in any other recorded format without permission.

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