The Day After

As spoonies the day after a big event no matter what it is or how much or little work you personally did, you are exhausted as if you ran a whole marathon!!!!

It isn’t so much the physical activity itself, it’s a combination of adrenaline, emotions, excitement and movement.

We are so excited to get out and celebrate with our family and friends that we just go as if we are well. Yes, we always remember we are sick because we feel the pain and still have our struggles, but in those moments those things seem less important since we are finally out among the well and are able to enjoy ourselves; even if it is for a short time.

We look forward to these occasions way before hand and we are so thankful when they arrive; however, the day after when the adrenaline has stopped running wild, we feel the immense impact of the day before.

Don’t get me wrong, we regret nothing and will do it again on the next holiday, but just be patient with us when we need the whole next day or a few days to recuperate!!!

We got to be semi normal for the day so don’t ruin it with fussing and telling us how we need to rest. Trust, we know, but just as you need these days with your loved ones, we do too!!!

It’s the day after and I have enjoyed my rest!😜

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