Somewhere Over The Rainbow

As we all awoke this morning, some feeling amazing, some riddled with pain, we must make a choice. Will we choose to be happy in spite of or will we choose to complain and be in a rut all day?

You see, your daily mindset determines the face of your days, weeks, months and years. You can’t expect to flourish in life with a negative disposition. How can you reach your goals and beyond when you are always a grinch?

Your positivity doesn’t go unnoticed! As a result of your choice to shine your light bright, your dreams just may come true. People are drawn to light! The brighter your light, the more others want to be in contact with you!

This certainly doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to bad days! We are all human and some days, we want to hit the restart button. In all transparency, today is that day for me; however I have a choice to make. Will I allow this bad day to defeat me and change my character or will I try to push through finding that inner light and focus on my future, dreams and aspirations?!

Who said you can’t have dreams and aspirations??? Whoever it was lied to you.

Let your dreams and aspirations drive you to walk in positivity and light!!! Let them be your rainbow! 🌈

The song writer wrote, “Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up high

And the dreams that you dream of

Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow

Bluebirds fly

And the dreams that you dream of

Dreams really do come true”

Focus on that rainbow, whether a good day or bad and watch your dreams come true!!!! That’s exactly what I will be doing today!!!


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