Can Pets Be Therapeutic?

As Spoonies (those who struggle with chronic illness,) we often face anxiety and/or depression. This may be a result of a gambit of things.


*Fear of judgement and the unknown

*Inability to go places or do simple task

*Loss of jobs, functionality relationships, and independence

*Impatience and non understanding from others, near and far

And the list goes on!

No matter the cause, we have to find things to ease our minds and give us comfort. We need to feel a sense of accomplishment.

While there are many things you can do to change your focus, today I want to talk about pets.

Personally, Murphy helps me more than anyone could ever imagine. I am not alone with him by my side. He loves me regardless of anything and I have learned him so there is minimum unknown. Caring for him gives me a sense of empowerment and independence as he depends on me to take him out, feed him, love on him, etc. He understands that when I lay down it’s time to take a nap. He gets me and he has been a Godsend! Mentally, his presence is calming and he is a great asset to my life.

Do you view your pets as therapeutic?

Food For thought!!!

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