As I Lay…

As I lay in the bed healing, yet feeling poorly, I began to think about how short life is. Someone somewhere did not wake up this morning. Someone somewhere is taking their last breath in this moment as we continue to breathe.

Angel’s Wings of Wisdom: Don’t take for granted that you woke up, you still have some mobility of your limbs, you still are able to see since your reading this right now. Take a breath and be thankful.

If you have ought with someone try to mend it! Be sure to forgive. Forgiveness is more for you than the person who has betrayed you. Holding on to the hurt, anger, pain, etc. currupts your days and prohibits your ability to move on. Don’t allow the problems from yesterday determine your today! Forgive!

Tomorrow is not promised so as I lay here, I’m going to celebrate the opportunity of today!!! Won’t you join the celebration????💜💜💜

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