Invisible Monster

How can something you can’t see control your life? How can something you can’t see determine your actions? How can something you can’t see make decisions for you?

You can’t see it, but it’s impact is life changing. It’s impact manages your days, relationships, your feelings, etc. It’s impact determines how you are perceived and viewed.

It’s hard for anyone to understand your decisions. It’s hard for people to understand your emotions. It’s hard for your friends and family to accept your absences or your many changes to the plan. It’s hard for the world to understand your silence and your distant moments.

You look like everyone else. You appear to have more energy than the next person. Your smile brightens up the days of everyone you come in contact with. Your laughter is contagious. You can keep up with the best of them. Your determination supersedes one’s expectation and you accomplish many things people spend their lives trying to do.

What do you mean living is hard and you struggle daily? What do you mean you are never in control of yourself? What do you mean I am suppose to realize you are different and have to live life accordingly?

I just don’t understand all of this. It doesn’t make sense and I need a clear explanation of what you are speaking of.

You see, I live daily with an invisible disease that determines what my days, even minutes look like. You can’t see the disease because it’s internal, but it’s a force to be reckoned with. This monster of a disease decides when it wants to show its ugly head and how hard it wants to roar. It controls my every decision and makes changes to my every move.

You can’t see it, but it’s there and I sure do feel it every day of my life. The invisible monster is real and it is our job to educate others about it.

As invisible disease awareness week comes to an end, don’t stop sharing how your invisible monster impacts your life. The world will have a better understanding because you chose to use your voice.

My invisible monsters are Lupus, POTS and fibromyalgia. What are yours????


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