Invisibly Me

You say you see me, but do you really???

What are you really seeing when you look at me???

You see a happy-go- lucky woman that is never down, but you don’t see the tears shed daily because every day I awake with some sort of ailment and pain.

You see my clothes and compliment me on how put together I am, but you don’t see that it took me 30 minutes to try to button up my shirt because my hands just don’t seem to want to cooperate.

You see my makeup and some say I don’t realize how beautiful I am because I choose to wear it, but you don’t see the raised red rash on my face that gets increasingly worse in the sun if it isn’t covered by something like makeup.

You see a smile, but you don’t see how much it takes to simply smile when you are in excruciating non-stop pain.

You see me walking, but you don’t see the hour exercise it takes of bending my limbs as I sit on the side of the bed before I can stand to even start my day.

You see me functioning, but you don’t see the 42 pills, infusions and injections it takes daily to be able to function.

You see me at church, but you don’t see I had to stay in the bed all week just to make it to Sunday service.

You see me post on social media, but you don’t see that one post takes forever because I can’t think straight and am just purely exhausted.

I thought you said you see me?! No you really don’t because I suffer from an invisible disease that is silently trying to take my life.

Since you didn’t see me before, I hope you do now!

It’s invisible disease week so share my story in hopes to educate others that things aren’t always what they seem. You never know what someone is going through.


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