Overcoming Painsomnia

Whether it is Insomnia or Painsomnia, being up mentally when you are physically tired can be depressing.

A lot of times we count sheep, waiting for our meds to kick in only to realize we are running out of numbers and we are still awake and still in pain.

This is when a great distraction comes into play. What can you do to pass the time and help you focus on something other than your sleeplessness and pain?

Meditation may work for some. A great book may work for others. Watching a movie may even hold your attention or even talking on the phone.

For me tonight, I had to do something tangible that required my mind, coordination and focus. I’m not very artistic, but tonight I was able to use my creativity to bring me peace in the midst of the pain storm.

Here is my masterpiece and my meds finally have kicked in so goodnight! 💜💜💜💜

I pray you too will find your peace and rest!!!

Sweet Dreams, Angel 👼🏽

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