When thinking about clouds, we have become accustomed to think about the possibility of bad weather or how the clouds block the sun. We are programmed to believe that clouds have a negative connotation. When learning about precipitation in school, we talk about clouds; how they look and we know the darker the cloud the worse the impending weather will be. There are even songs referencing clouds in a negative way.

You don’t believe me?! Let me prove it to you.

The song writer wrote, “Sunshine on a cloudy day,” suggesting the clouds to be indicative of a not so great day. You need sunshine on a cloudy day, the writer suggests.

Are clouds really a representative of bad times and difficulties???

The answer is: some clouds, the gray in particular symbolize bad days; however, some clouds are not gray. Some clouds are white and they don’t symbolize bad days. In fact, the white clouds are a symbol of stability, inner consciousness and goals in your life. Thanks google!!!!

What does this have to do with anything???

You see, just as our diseases are unpredictable, so are the clouds. We don’t know when we awake in the morning how we will feel and we don’t know with certainty what color the cloud will be that day. It could be a gray cloud day or it could we a white cloud day. In other words, we can’t predict whether we will have a good or bad day. We can’t control the clouds just as we have no control over how we feel from day to day.

Secondly, regardless of the color of the clouds, we still have to get through them. We still have to get through our days, whether bad or good. We still have to make it through the day whether we feel well or not. The clouds may be present, but we have to make a conscious decision of how we will handle them whether white or gray. We have to choose to fight to get through the clouds. Likewise, we have to choose to fight to get through our ailments.

Thirdly, the clouds are showing us that not all days will be bad. That is such great news!!! We WILL have some white clouds days. They are coming. You might be experiencing gray clouds right now, but you should know for sure, white clouds exist and they will come!! You will have some good days. You will get through.

If you focus on the white cloud days while you are facing the gray cloud days, you will make it through! Place your focus on the white clouds.

If you only see gray clouds right now, realize white clouds do exist and you will soon have them. Enjoy your white clouds!!!! ☁️ ⛅️

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