The Light Within

At times we tend to look for light in everything and everyone else around us. On our darkest days, we depend on others to be the light that brings us out of our darkness. We expect the people closest to us to understand what we are going through and help by meeting us where we are and brightening up our darkest days.

This sounds absolutely wonderful and some of us have amazing people in our lives who will try to do this very thing.

Reality is, if YOU are in a dark place, YOU have to make a conscious decision to come out of that dark place. Others can certainly assist in your coming out; however, the decision to accept the help is yours.

There has to be some light within YOU in order for it to be illuminated. I think you missed what I just told you!

You are looking to everything and everyone to make your dark days light, but you already possess the light within yourself. Sure the light can be illuminated, but it already exists.

In other words, YOU already have what YOU need to make your dark days brighter. The light is already inside you! You have the power to tap into the light within to ensure your days are bright. It’s already there waiting for you to tap into it.

In order to change the face of your dark days, find YOUR light within!!! It’s always there!!!

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