Knocked Down Not Knocked Out

Getting knocked down is a part of life whether you are dealing with illness or not. We all have low moments. No one is exempt from going through trials and tribulations.

The key is to never allow what knocked you down to knock you out! Do whatever it takes to stay in the fight! Put on your boxing gloves and fight back!

What am I talking about???

Do whatever in your power to keep yourself motivated and fighting. Self care and love is your biggest weapon. They are the best boxing gloves you can ever possess.

What can you do for yourself to keep you in the fight? How do you stay positive in the midst of your negative situation? What do you do for yourself to get you out of your funk?

I do a number of things for self care and love. I have shared some before, but I’m happy to share them again. I find things I like to do to keep my mind off of the things that are hindering me.


~Applying Makeup



~Watching Movies

These are just a few! I have found that if I allot time to do some things for myself daily that make me feel better, my quality of life is better!

Use your self care and love boxing gloves, stay in the fight and never allow anything to knock you out!!!


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2 thoughts on “Knocked Down Not Knocked Out

  1. I love it!! I use ALL of those gloves!! Another one that I can always count on is talking to dear friends that understand and can relate to the fight. 💜💜💜💜 Friends like YOU!! 🤗🤗🤗

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