Curve Balls ⚾️

Life has a tendency to throw us curve balls, but what do you do when you know at some point they are coming?

In life things are going to happen. These things have the potential to knock us down, kill our joy and diminish our fight, but we must figure out what our position will be and be ready for these curve balls.

You see, we may be up for bat when these curve balls come and we have to hit the ball out of the park. That sounds good right?!!!! Reality is, it is not always our turn to be at bat when these curve balls come. We may not be capable of even holding the bat up. A lot of times we are so tired we can’t even hold ourselves up, more or less a whole bat. We may not have the strength to stand with our knees bent in position. Wearing a heavy helmet may even knock us over because we are so weak.

So what can we do when these curve balls come????

We can open our hands and catch them. Baseball aside, we don’t have to be in a standing position to catch something. We can be sitting, laying, squatting, running, etc. and still catch a ball in our hand.

Am I serious??? Yes, I’m so serious!!!

You are going through your day and sickness is thrown at you hard. It is thrown so hard that the impact could take your life. You have to catch that sickness curve ball my brothers and sisters. Don’t let it hit you!!! Catch it!!! Don’t allow it to knock you out!!! Catch it!!! You realize it’s coming so make sure you are position to catch it!!! Prepare your body for the catch!!!


You make sure you always have on your catchers mitt!!! You take your medicine. You get proper rest. You count your spoons. You put some in reserve. You schedule your day with breaks. You carry your medical information with you everywhere you go. You wear your medical bracelets. You take proper precautions when it comes to sun and the list goes on!!! Doing these things is setting yourself up to be able to catch the curve ball. You have on your mitt!!!

We can’t always be the batter and hit a home run. Sometimes the curve balls come in contact with our bodies, but we have positioned ourselves accordingly to catch them.

Catching them means that you feel the impact. Your mitt may be worn so your hand may burn from the contact. Your hand may even turn a little red, but you are able to keep going because you caught the ball instead of it knocking you out!!

Catch the curve balls and keep going!!!!


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