Reminder to Self

Self, do you know how strong you are? No, well let me remind you…

You awake daily not knowing what your day will look like, but you don’t allow the fear of the unknown deter you from tackling your day.

You attempt to get out the bed and you can’t move your limbs, but you don’t get discouraged.

You spend an hour exercising your limbs to be able to get moving, but you push through the discomfort not allowing a minor setback to derail your day.

You make it to the shower and you’re running late, but you don’t allow time to determine your attitude and you stay focused.

You have to take a break after the shower, but you utilize the time to be thankful for the ability to even make it to this point.

You get your breakfast together and it has taken longer than usual because you have to keep breaking, but you never get frustrated.

You accomplish all of that and are extremely tired, but you choose to count your remaining spoons and prepare for the rest of the day.

You are in pain all over, but you choose to stay positive despite how you physically feel.

You have so much to complain about, but you choose to use your social media platforms to encourage others instead.

You aren’t able to do much more, but you are grateful and ecstatic about all you were able to accomplish thus far.

I can go on and on, but the fact of the matter is, in spite of every curveball life throws at you, you still choose to be positive, staying your course, never taking things for granted, respecting your limitations while never giving up and you thank God all the way through!!!

If that isn’t strength, I don’t know what is!!!

You are Fierce, Resilient, Powerful and Enduring!!!!

You are the epitome of STRENGTH and never allow anyone to tell you otherwise!!!!


No portion of this article may be duplicated in writing or in any other recorded format without permission.

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