Storms Vs. Blessings

It’s been on my heart to tell you that your storms are only temporary. We all have storms and because we try to live as Christlike as we can, it angers the Devil and he tries his hardest to tear us down.

As humans we tend to look at others and wonder why they don’t seem to be struggling like we are and why they seem to be getting the desires of their heart when we are over here breaking our backs to be Christlike and they aren’t!

What I have come to realize is that we should be encouraged that the devil is bothering us! What do you mean Sis? I’m glad you asked!

You see the Devil only bothers those who he doesn’t have in his corner. Because you are a child of the Most High and strive to be Christlike, the Devil tries to kill, steal and destroy in hopes that you will loose your faith in God and join him!

I’ve come to tell you to be steadfast and know that he IS God! You don’t have what you want because he is in the process of making it specifically for you!!! You don’t want a thrown together blessing!!! He is taking his time and being meticulous so when you receive your blessing it is better than you could have ever hoped for and it will last forever!!!!!

Have a blessed day!!!!!😘😘😘

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