Lesson Learned

This week has been eye opening. After being admitted to the hospital and finding out how critically ill I have been without even knowing it, I look at my life differently. (YouTube video coming soon to explain the whole ordeal.)

I felt I had come to a good place in my life and health where I was listening closely to my body and being proactive. Oh was I wrong!!!

Please allow me to be transparent with you in hopes that my lesson will save you from the trial!

Here are some things I learned…

~ Do not ignore any symptoms whether you believe they are minute or not. If you get a cough or start to sneeze, do not ignore it. If you have a headache or are overly tired, don’t ignore it. This doesn’t mean freak out about it. It simply means take note of it, write down the onset and the different things you are experiencing. Write down whatever you choose to try to help your symptoms at home. Note the weather changes and other factors that may be causing your symptoms.

~ Stop pushing yourself to have a “normal” life or to satisfy someone else. Reality is you are not “normal” and even those living without chronic illnesses get sick sometimes. It is okay to sit out and not participate. If someone around you is not supportive of what you need for your health then you need to remove that person or persons from your life. If the people around you truly love you, they will support your decision to rest even if it means they aren’t able to do whatever it is that was originally planned. They will want what’s best for you so they will do anything to support you. Stop trying to be bionic. You are not and that is perfectly okay!

~ Eliminate all stress and stressors from your life because they only make sickness worse. Life is hard on its own without an illness. Stress can kill persons who are well so what do you think it does to people you have a chronic illness?! Focus on the positive and eliminate the negative. Don’t let negativity change your mood and stress you out. Most times in the grand scheme of things, the things that are stressing you are not that important. Put your stress and stressors in perspective. Ask yourself if it is life or death and/or is it worth the detriment is causes to your body. If the answer is no, then let it go! (Hey, that rhymed! Ha!)

~ Encourage your loved ones and friends to share with you when you seem different or strange. More than likely the people you are around can tell if something is different about you. Sometimes people are afraid to say something because they are unsure of how you may take it, especially if you seem off. It is imperative that you have a conversation with those around you about your health and how things can affect you. A lot of times there are subtle changes in your behavior, mood, personality, demeanor, etc. that can suggest that something is going on and just by them being able to express this to you openly they can save your life.

I am thankful for this week although it has been so hard because growth is inevitable.

I hope you too can learn from my trial!

(If you want to know what happened, stayed tuned for my YouTube video)

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