Lupus Awareness Month

May is Lupus Awareness Month. During this month I will take the opportunity to share personally about my diagnosis of Lupus and how it affects my daily life.

What is Lupus?

I explain Lupus as an autoimmune disease where my body doesn’t just fight the bad, it over fights, fighting the good as well.

What does this mean?

Normal persons have antibodies that fight viruses, germs and bacteria. Persons with Lupus have antibodies that fight viruses, germs and bacteria, but those antibodies continue to fight as if it doesn’t have a stop button fighting your normal tissue, organs and skin. The over fighting antibodies are called autoantibodies. These antibodies cause inflammation throughout the body as well.

I hope that explains it a little more from the perspective of someone living with the disease.

90% of persons diagnosed with Lupus are women and it is more prominent in minorities.

There is no proven cause of Lupus and there is no cure.

It is a chronic illness meaning it affects you daily in so many ways. Sometimes it truly doesn’t let up.

Lupus has the potential to take your life (fatal) and there has only been one drug approved to help suppress your immune system (antibodies) to keep them at bay in a very long time. The drug may or may not help each individual and is not in any way a cure.

I encounter pain daily and extreme fatigue. I am literally so tired that I can’t sleep and the pain won’t allow me to sleep either.

The reality of the situation is, this disease is a monster we deal with daily that many people are still not aware of.

I will be sharing pieces of my life this month to spread awareness. Please feel free to share my content because the more people who know, the better the chance of more awareness, research, medications, better quality of life and cure!!!

I always tell you to find the rainbow 🌈 no matter the situation and the rainbow 🌈 in this illness for a time such as this is, we all have voices. If we all raise our voices to spread awareness, change is inevitable.

Will you spread awareness with me???? 💜💜💜🦋🦋🦋

2 thoughts on “Lupus Awareness Month

  1. Angel, I have systemic Lupus and I struggle with it everyday. I am currently taking Plaquenil. Is there a new medication available now? Can you recommend a doctor here in Richmond VA for me please? Thank you and God bless you.

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