Overcoming Bad Days

Not every day is going to be a good one. Some days we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Some days sickness overpowers us. Some days people overwhelm us. Some days are just bad days!!!

How should we handle bad days????

Of course we have control over our minds and we have the choice to think of the good instead of the bad. We should look at our glasses as half full instead of half empty. We should look to our goals to have a positive focus to keep the negativity out of our heads.

Most importantly, we MUST know our limitations. We need to know what we can and can not handle!!!! This is imperative!!! Once we have met the threshold of what we can endure on our bad day we have to make smart and conscious choices on how we govern the rest of our day.

What do I mean????

You must know your triggers. Stay away from people or things that has the potential to set you off. Rearrange your day to allow some time for decompression and time to refocus on what’s next. Choose what’s most important and focus on accomplishing those things and allow yourself the room to push the other things to another day. Take the time to praise yourself for getting through the things you accomplished and don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t get done.

What is the bigger picture? What matters the most?

Once you have made these changes to your lives you will be able to tackle your bad days and overcome them with ease!!!!

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