It is worth it!

Sometimes we as people living with chronic illnesses beat ourselves up for choosing to live life. We have doctors, friends, family, etc. in our ears telling us we shouldn’t do certain things because we may pay for it later.

Allow me to explain our rationale!

Normalcy is not our focus, but a good quality life is. We choose to do things and go places recognizing we may be ill later because we have to have something to look forward to. We have to have a purpose and goals in order to survive.

Without purpose and goals we WILL die.

If we choose to do nothing daily, we find ourselves weak and depressed ultimately causing us to give up. If we give up, our lives are gone.

I just came back from Washington DC, advocating for Lupus on Capital Hill. Yes, I’m paying for it today, but the feeling of accomplishment is well worth it. I feel empowered and fueled to fight harder! My purpose is being fulfilled and just knowing that gives me strength.

I encourage all of you to fight for your life by finding your purpose and not settling for defeat! You can make it! Never give up on your life despite what others have to say about what you choose to do!

This is your life! Keep living and never give up!!!!

2 thoughts on “It is worth it!

  1. Like I have always said….you are my inspiration. At my lowest time when my marriage had fallen apart, a co worker gave me a card with this scripture on it.
    2 Corinthians 12:9 – My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.
    Love you , keep pushing through because we are behind you and God is before you pulling you through the tough times!

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