You ARE A Fighter

Despite popular belief, fighters come in different shapes and sizes. I know we get caught up in how muscular fighters are or how strong they appear to be physically, but I’m here to tell you some fighters don’t have a lot of physical strength or muscles.

Most fighters look like you and I. They don’t have WWE belts, but the fight daily for their lives. Most fighters don’t have trophies or metals, but they fight the enemy in their minds daily, hourly and by the second. Their opponent is more than likely not in their same weight class and they won’t get praised by the world when they win each fight.

The truth of the matter is although you think you have to look a certain way to be a fighter, you DON’T.

You are a fighter who gets through the battles of your life daily! No matter your physical state, don’t allow people to tell you otherwise. You are strong!!! You are brave!!!

You are a fighter and will be victorious!!!!

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