Celebrate ALL Victories

Sometimes we tend to only celebrate big things that happen in our lives. We only celebrate birthdays, national holidays, weddings, babies, graduations, etc. We tend to see these things as milestones and big victories and forget to celebrate all victories great or small. We somehow take for granted the things others may value deeply.

Let me show you something…

For me being able to wake up without pain would be a great victory. For me to get up and get dressed without having to rest would be a big victory. This week, for me to eat and not get sick to my stomach would be a big victory.

Most tend to go about their day not even realizing they are able to do things others struggle to do.

Stop for a second, slow down your life and realize it’s a victory that you are breathing on your own with the activity of your limbs. Celebrate that by being thankful.

When we stop taking these victories for granted and celebrate, we will appreciate the big victories all the more!!!

I dare you to celebrate all victories!!!

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