Who is Angel?

Here I was 12 yrs old seeing an Oncologist, Hematolist, Rheumatologist and so forth, being told no one had any idea what was wrong with me. They didn’t know why I was severely fatigued or how I so easily bruised or even why I had a funny-looking rash on my face and experienced unusual body aches/pains. One day I was healthy and the next after having a virus, was severely ill.

Doctors didn’t want to diagnose me with Lupus because of my age even though my labs and symptoms screamed Lupus.

Now 20 yrs later, after many surgeries, Pulmanary emboli, blood transfusions, different Lupus infusions, I am advocating for myself and others who didn’t have a proper diagnosis and adequate, effective help. I have now been diagnosed with many other illnesses as a result of the attack Lupus has had on my body.

At the blink of and eye my life changed without my control. Today I take control over the future of my story the best I can by making sure others are educated.

Hopefully my voice will change at least one person’s life as we fight together and win against this cruel invisible disease.

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