Why Smile: The Honest Truth

People all over ask themselves what reason they have to smile and many don’t come up with a good reason. Let me encourage you today and remind you, yes you, why you should smile!!!!

You may ask yourself:

Why smile when all you seem to get is bad news?

Why smile when you were given an expiration date?

Why smile when the world around you seems to be crashing down?

Why smile when no one seems to understand?

Why smile when no one seems to even care?

Why smile when we live in a world where people are only concerned with themselves?

Why smile when you only hear what you aren’t, can’t do, and why you aren’t worthy?

Why smile when there really isn’t anything to smile about???

Oh my child, but there are many reasons to smile!

But don’t smile to hide your pain; for your eyes tell the truth!

Don’t smile so people won’t ask you questions, because you could be blocking your blessings!

Don’t smile because you think that’s what the world should view as reality; for my child that’s why the world doesn’t understand in the first place!

You smile for you!!!

You smile because you have another day to try to get it right!

You smile because you have another opportunity to do something that makes you happy!

You smile because you are going to plan your next excursion and adventure!

You smile because your smile might brighten up someone’s dreary day!

You smile my dear child because in spite of all you have endured, you still stand tall!!

Are you smiling? I am!!!!

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