Power of Friendship

Friendship is exemplified in many ways, but what does true friendship look like for those living with a chronic illness?

It means someone who understands that you may not always call because you are fighting your ailments and have no energy to talk. It means someone who understands they may have to come to you because you aren’t physically able to come to them. It means someone who doesn’t get upset when you have to cancel plans because something health wise has come up. It means someone that doesn’t mind being in your presence while not saying anything at all. It means someone who helps you plan your day so you can reach your full potential. It means someone who appreciates how hard you fight, but tells you when you need to slow down. It means someone who will go to the high heavens to make sure you are okay. It means someone who’s humility outweighs their need to be the center of attention. It means someone who rides for you until the wheels fall off. It means someone who encourages you to live your best life and vows to live theirs with you. It means someone who sets all judgement aside, holds you accountable and loves you through wrong and right.

Not everyone around you is a true friend. This holds true for family members as well. When you find a true friend treasure them. Be all they are to you plus more! Love them on purpose and never let them go!!!

I am so thankful for my true friends and I ask God to bless them abundantly!!!

A special shout out to my true friend Tiara who brought me these goodies today (see pics below) I love you Tee and thank God for you!!!

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